Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TrueLove for TrueCut

I have trouble cutting straight lines sometimes - hate to admit it but I do. I also have some issues with my neck, shoulders and wrist. I saw the TrueCut Rotary system demonstrated last Christmas season and it looked great but I couldn't justify buying it when I already had cutters. Time passed and I found it on sale recently and now I am blogging about it. As you can see, I bought the 60mm ergonomic cutter with the 6 1/2 inch ruler. The ruler has a "guide" along the edge and the cutter has a channel which fits into it 'locking' it in place and it is a dream to use for anyone you know starting out or having health issues. It is advisable to buy a package of True Grips to place on the back of the ruler. Once done, it does not slip and you have lots left for other rulers. The rotary cutter takes any 60mm blade. I am currently cutting out my first spider block quilt and am loving this cutter. Note that when cutting to the left side of the cutter because of the guide you will be running the cutter towards you which we are taught is a no, no but has worked well for me (only because the cutter is locked in). Hope your week is going well. It is getting colder here on the coast of Vancouver Island though yesterday was a beautiful sunny fall day.