Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Not That I Don't Want to be Quilting BUT.........

My sewing room beckons me but there are so many other things that need doing and now this is one of the things in the way -
Yup, new homes need landscaping and we want to start on the front this fall. We found a small nursery in Chemainus, Sandpiper Garden and Glass and it is quaint and wonderful. They want to remodel so lots of sales and we bought some of the bigger items which are standing in tubs in the view above.Oh, dear, doesn't look like much when placed in the yard. Here's a photo of Sandpiper Garden and Glass.
It's owned and operated by people we knew when we lived in Mill Bay which is part of the "south end of the Cowichan Valley". Was great to see Gunnel and know her expertise is there for us. I was thrilled with my purchases and now have my first flowers planted.
And the plan is that I will be able to change the groupings with the season! I know this is not a new concept but had fun putting this together - and I think it adds a simple yet inviting touch. So the front entrance has some charm. I have several more ideas but they will have to wait for now.

That was yesterday and today I went shopping, bought this -
 to turn it/them into -
Spicy Yam and Red Pepper Soup
It will be served with Black Bean veggie patties. Hope everyone had a nice week-end and let's keep smiling!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

AccuQuilt Flower Die

Here is another look at the Die I bought in Kelowna. I am such a novice in all of this but here goes.

Here is the Die with the cutting areas outlined in black marker. I chose some fabric and ironed on a scrap of lite 'steam-a-seam' onto the back and cut out one layer only with nice results - clean edges but it did require scissor cutting a couple of strands of fabric.
This is how the flower looks ironed on a square of fabric. Easy to do. I like it without the flower centre but I haven't done any applique yet.
Here is the small flower cut out and adhered to a block. I didn't use all of the petals and may or may not use a circle centre. The thought of machine applique is overwhelming as the petals are so small but guess I'll just have to practice. I would be comfortable trying hand applique on this project. Would love suggestions, ideas, input - constructive - of any kind. I did cut a layer of waxed freezer paper thinking I would like to try English Paper Piecing using the Die Cutter as the template and of course that was easy piecey and I have saved the backing pieces from the steam-a-seam cause you never know! Am afraid to throw anything out in quilting anymore. haha.

What do you think and what would you do with this Die? Inquiring minds want to know.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a Wonderful World!

We spent the week-end on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Ucluelet where we have a vacation home. Ucluelet is at the end of a Peninsula with calm waters on one side and the open Pacific on the other. On another peninsula at the other end and about 40 minutes away by car lies Tofino and inbetween lies the Pacific Rim Park which is owned and operated by the Canadian Government. Here are a couple of pictures from our walk at Wickininnish Beach.
kelp that was rooted in rocks

This was our 3 day Labor Day week-end in Canada, the last hurrah before school is back in session and it marks the end of summer. Although the weather can remain warm for weeks yet, the evenings and early mornings are cooler and signs of fall are just around the corner. It's an amazing time of year and my favorite.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sew Tuff Tofino BC

I found this little shop in Tofino last time we went to the west coast and had a chance to revisit it last week-end.

Strutting his stuff inside was this little guy.
 His name is Winston and he's bigger than this now as he's 5 months old but he is still pretty little. He's a mini pig and won't get very big but he's teething now and he wanted to chew on my runners!
This shop is WONDERFUL - the owner is in her early 30's and just buys what she likes. And though I'm not in my 30's (haha) I found a lot to like and settled on these fabrics (had to buy after I drooled on them)
Do you like? I sure do. I'm hoping to make a baby quilt and think I can fussy cut 15 birds out. Tried to start cutting today but you know, I just couldn't do it - worried about making a mistake. Please wish me luck.
Anyway this shop is really refreshing and I plan on getting to know it, the owner and Winston very well over the next few years. Her website is easy to navigate and she welcomes online orders and has her fabric online for you to see. If you take a look let me know what you think.