Monday, October 17, 2011

New Give Away From Melissa

A layer cake of O’ Tinsel Tree by Robert Kaufman Fabrics! Hop on over to Melissa's Blog and enter. She is doing a free Christmas Sampler Quilt as well and I like her tutorials - work well for someone at my level.

As for me, had a garage sale this past week-end which was a lot of work and only brought in $200. We were amazed at how little people would pay for some really good stuff. I knew things had to be priced low but really......... Still have lots of 'junk' left (nothing quilty) and will think about having another one or giving to charity as we usually do.

On the sewing front I have made my daughter a pillowcase:
 She loves Hallowe'en! This was fun and quick to do - used my serger for most of it. I bought .7 metre of black and pumpkin and added an 8 " orange flange folded and a 2" green 'piping' folded. I have made her a couple of nice flannel winter themed pillowcases in the past which she loves and now she has a fall one.

I have had some good luck collecting cottons at second hand stores in the area and would love to share the photos with you.
Sophie wants something!   
 Have a great week - seriously. hugs, Vicki


  1. With all the time involved in yard sales, and everything doesn't sell, we have opted to taking our stuff either to thrift shops to give away or to an auction to sell. I think we pay 35% on the auction stuff- but it is taken care of all at one time.

  2. Vicki, nicely done on your second hand shop hopping! Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway! :)