Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Not That I Don't Want to be Quilting BUT.........

My sewing room beckons me but there are so many other things that need doing and now this is one of the things in the way -
Yup, new homes need landscaping and we want to start on the front this fall. We found a small nursery in Chemainus, Sandpiper Garden and Glass and it is quaint and wonderful. They want to remodel so lots of sales and we bought some of the bigger items which are standing in tubs in the view above.Oh, dear, doesn't look like much when placed in the yard. Here's a photo of Sandpiper Garden and Glass.
It's owned and operated by people we knew when we lived in Mill Bay which is part of the "south end of the Cowichan Valley". Was great to see Gunnel and know her expertise is there for us. I was thrilled with my purchases and now have my first flowers planted.
And the plan is that I will be able to change the groupings with the season! I know this is not a new concept but had fun putting this together - and I think it adds a simple yet inviting touch. So the front entrance has some charm. I have several more ideas but they will have to wait for now.

That was yesterday and today I went shopping, bought this -
 to turn it/them into -
Spicy Yam and Red Pepper Soup
It will be served with Black Bean veggie patties. Hope everyone had a nice week-end and let's keep smiling!


  1. Oohh gardening! I love gardening in the fall. I have perennials to split and move and daffodils to plant. So envious that you are starting from scratch.

  2. Your new house is gorgeous...and just look at that view!! Thoughts on yardswork...hmmm...keep it simple and manageable...after all you want to free to quilt!! :o)
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh are busy....and I need now to go and visit your other post because i saw a go die below....

  4. You are so busy Sharkie but still accomplishing loads. Love your new digs and I think your soup looks scrumptious.