Thursday, September 8, 2011

AccuQuilt Flower Die

Here is another look at the Die I bought in Kelowna. I am such a novice in all of this but here goes.

Here is the Die with the cutting areas outlined in black marker. I chose some fabric and ironed on a scrap of lite 'steam-a-seam' onto the back and cut out one layer only with nice results - clean edges but it did require scissor cutting a couple of strands of fabric.
This is how the flower looks ironed on a square of fabric. Easy to do. I like it without the flower centre but I haven't done any applique yet.
Here is the small flower cut out and adhered to a block. I didn't use all of the petals and may or may not use a circle centre. The thought of machine applique is overwhelming as the petals are so small but guess I'll just have to practice. I would be comfortable trying hand applique on this project. Would love suggestions, ideas, input - constructive - of any kind. I did cut a layer of waxed freezer paper thinking I would like to try English Paper Piecing using the Die Cutter as the template and of course that was easy piecey and I have saved the backing pieces from the steam-a-seam cause you never know! Am afraid to throw anything out in quilting anymore. haha.

What do you think and what would you do with this Die? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I have the die - I am planning on using it for my bottled rainbows quilt...if I ever get around to working on it!

  2. This looks really cute.....I am still deciding if I want this die or not....

  3. I used them to make different flowers.

  4. I have this die also. Was thinking of making a mini Joseph's Coat quilt a la Don't Look Now blog.

  5. Looks like fun Vicki. whatever you do will be great. How is that sewing room looking by the way? Will you be coming to Quilt Club anymore?