Friday, March 15, 2013

All my Pretties Coming Together

I feel like Golum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as I fondle and sort my fabric.
Peggy likes the new arrangement.
This is my main cutting area. The containers on the bottom hold all my scraps.

Feels good to finally be making some progress in my lovely sewing room. How and where to put things have been big questions and although I have found a system that seems to work for right now, I expect changes will be made. I am not by nature an organized person-more of a pile person. I see the merits in organization, I'm just not disciplined enough. However, I'm glad I have taken the time to clean my room up - love being able to see my fabric. You can see some of my faithful companions - all rescues: Peggy is a long hair domestic, Kink- a short hair very gentle soul and on the floor, Tonto our almost 14 year old reprobate. Back to my room. I still have lots of fabric to bring in and organize but most of my quilting fabric is here. I used to sew for myself and my daughter and am hoping that if I can see the fabric and patterns, I will be inspired to start sewing clothes again as well as purses, baby clothing, receiving blankets, etc.

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  1. Looking good! Doesn't it give you such a good feeling when you look at it? And it is such a wonderful reason to "play" in our stashes.