Monday, March 18, 2013

First Around the World

I admired all those Scrappy Around the World quilts seen on various blogs and pininterest and as I had a selection of pretty pinks and purples I decided to make a little girls quilt. This is my first one and I used Bonnie Hunter's instructions on her  Quiltville blog to make this 48"x48" quilt top or 'flimsey'.
It has been a learning adventure as I have such a challenge letting go of the process and trusting the outcome. With the result that the outcome is less than it could be.  However I'm sure a little girl will enjoy it, warts and all. The bottom row is pinned in place.

Isn't quilting wonderful? We learn so much - about our styles, our capacity to take or give criticism, ability and willingness to develop new skills, to organize (or not), get together with like minded people (in big or small groups or in blogland), make lovely pieced blankets, wall hangings or decorations for ourselves or others and so much more.



  1. It is a beautiful quilt - what warts?

  2. Bonnie Hunter is such a great inspiration isn't she. Check out her webcam as she is great to watch live while she sews. Well done Vicki, good to hear from you again.

  3. I like to say my quilts are like my hubby perfect with lots and lots of character. Love your perfect quilt!

  4. I think you did a beautiful job. I know exactly what you mean about the process in making this block... I stopped after my first 4 blocks because I was thinking I have a disaster on my hands. Guess you're better at "letting go" than I am and now you have a pretty quilt to prove it. ;o)

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