Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fabric Purchases

Yesterday, I attended the 6th fabric sale of a deceased quilter. She did a lot of traditional quilting, taught quilting and left behind rooms of material, patterns and books. Her husband and his new wife have sorted it and offered it for sale. I wish I knew more about her and them but don't. This time there were boxes of her projects for sale (6)  and I dallied over them for quite awhile. All of them were hand stitched and she may have done 1-4 blocks or most of them. There were several basket quilts, a dresden which I bought, a couple of moderns, and many traditional, a box of 600 triangles-red and navy,plus, plus, plus. As for the other fabric, it was in stapled bags in boxes. The larger pieces were stacked on two bookcases, 1 piece per bag. While the remaining was several fat 1/4's or portions of per bag-an enormous task of organizing which isn't over yet.These boxes were on tables in 2 rooms of a home built in the 40's in Victoria - Cook Street/Dallas Road area, 1 block from the ocean. The urge was to take it all, just back the moving van up to the door and load it all. Resisting that I collected the following to add to my stash starting with the hand pieced dresden kit I purchased. 

The book was free and was the third one I have picked up there. And the moda layer cake was $10. After reading several comments on fabric shrinkage, everything but the moda was washed and dried after the photo shoot. Next I will fold each piece and add it to my organized stash. How nice to be able to say that. What will happen to your quilting supplies when you die? Do you care?


  1. Oh yes, I care very much. Not only about my quilting stash, but the yarn stash and fiber stash and book stash. I've told the family I want my quilting, knitting and fibery friends to have first pick. Then I hope they will sell the rest, as it will go quite a way to helping finance college for the grandkids. Since I keep it quite organized, it won't be quite so hard to put a sale together as it would be if I weren't organized.

  2. SCORE!! Love everything!! So is this it?? No more sales or will there be others? Inquiring minds want to know!!

  3. PS....I love the quilt with the stars all around it. Is it from the Legacies book ??

  4. Love all the plaid:) I would definitely want my fabric to go to someone who would appreciate it all. Maybe in my family if I am lucky:)